Voter registration closes Oct. 9

By Anna Spydell
Staff Writer

As Oct. 9 draws closer, voter registration for the November elections prepares to close. For Saint Mary-of-the-Woods students who find themselves still unregistered, however, options are still out there.

Perhaps the easiest option for residents of Indiana is the website  With an Indiana driver’s license or an Indiana state issued I.D., residents will be able to submit a new Indiana voter’s registration or update an existing one.

Another option is to visit the Vigo County Voter Registration Office, located on the second floor of the county courthouse at 33 South 3rd Street in Terre Haute.

According to Ron Moore, who is currently teaching the Elections course at SMWC, the youth vote is consistently the lowest election after election, citing what he calls disillusionment with the seamy side of politics and the feeling that their vote won’t matter.

“In class, we’ve talked about how politicians don’t really do themselves any favors by trying to create these groups as monoliths, like Latinos only care about immigration or women only care about reproductive rights. These groups may care a little bit more about some of these issues than others, but I would argue that we are all affected by all of these issues,” said Moore.  “At Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, we are trying to create students who are citizens; citizens of the College, citizens of Terre Haute, of Indiana, of the United States and hopefully of the world.”



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