Scavenger Hunt at SMWC: One team’s experience

By Sierra Smith-Swickard

Staff Writer

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College students gathered in Le Fer Hall’s Sullivan Parlor on Oct. 3 to compete in an event for a new club on campus.

The Good Samaritans, in its first year as a club at SMWC, offered a scavenger hunt to raise awareness about the group and for students to have fun, according to club member and event organizer Kirstin O’Rourke.

Freshmen Caitlin Kowalski and Ashley Hinkle partnered for the scavenger hunt. Here is their experience.

Starting the hunt

“The Lord’s number is 7. Go here to light your candle and send your prayers up to Heaven.”

This hint confused Kowalski and Hinkle as they both ran straight for the Church of the Immaculate Conception, thinking that you can light candles in the chapel, but alas, they headed in the wrong direction.

After trying three different doors to the church, Kowalski and Hinkle were stumped. After thinking it over for a few moments, they realized that the Grotto also has candles to light for prayer. Thankfully for them, after losing almost 15 minutes at the church, they found the next clue at the bench on the balcony over the Grotto. Coincidentally, the inscription on the bench is “On To The Next Stage.”

Next clue

Their next clue was “the third station is where you will find the next clue. However it may help to know how he died for me and you.”

This clue sent the duo to the Stations of the Cross that began at the cemetery. Beginning at Station One, Kowalski and Hinkle followed the stations until they found the next clue. This sent them to the statue of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, where a woman was waiting with the next hint. This led them to the Music Conservatory.

At the conservatory

On the door of the Conservatory the next clue was found and it read “she is the King we all know, go to her office take a picture and bring it back to all of us to show.”

They headed to SMWC President Dottie King’s office in Guerin Hall. On the door was a clue that sent Hinkle and Kowalski back to Le Fer Hall to the Learning Resource Center.

At the LRC

The hint found in the LRC led them back barely 10 steps to the computer lab where they found a hint that said, “for now we’ll stick to the second, but you’ll find one on every floor. One of the few places, you’ll find without a door.”

They debated on what this next hint meant, but eventually found themselves at the kitchen on floor two of Le Fer. The next hint sent them looking for a “fearful place.”

This hint again frustrated them as they searched two other staircases before finally coming upon the hint on the marble staircase. This last hint matched their first so they were finished.

Will they win?

They took their evidence of completion (photos of each hint) back down to Sullivan Parlor, on Le Fer’s main level, to collect their prizes. While Kowalski and Hinkle did not finish first, it is obvious that they enjoyed themselves and they have also become more knowledgeable about SMWC’s campus.

After the hunt

Once the scavenger hunt was finished, students gathered in Sullivan Parlor to watch “Soul Surfer,” a film about the true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton. After losing her arm in a shark attack, Hamilton, played by AnnaSophia Robb, makes a comeback as a professional surfer, through determination and her Christian faith.

The goal of having fun was reached by at least a few scavenger hunt participants, who laughed and shared their experience of the event as the movie started.

For more information about the Good Samaritan club, contact club adviser Malia Mohan at

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