Senior Art Show: Sarah Cole

Artist Sarah Cole poses in front of her mixed-media piece titled “Civil Greed,” which hangs in the hallway outside of the Hulman Hall Art Gallery until Nov. 9. (Photo credit: Colleen Daum)

By Sierra Smith-Swickard

Staff Writer

Sarah Cole draws inspiration from people, incidents and accidents. And it shows in her senior show in SMWC’s Hulman Hall Gallery.

Work by the senior art education major can be seen through Nov. 9.

In an interview via email after the show Cole shared her thoughts about her work, inspiration, pulling a show together and more.

Q: Is there a particular theme to your work presented in the art show? If so what is it?

A: “These pieces obviously have commonalities, in that they are my own and they are all made within a certain time frame, but I did not so determine a ‘theme’ when I began.”

Q: What is your inspiration in these pieces?

A: “Inspiration to an artist is everything, not in the sense that it means all, but that everything inspires, drives, and pushes the imagination toward a realized image. My own inspiration comes from people, incidents, and accidents that I have come across. Fractal images, hallucinations, whatever and whenever I am always consuming and processing sensory data. Day to day mind manipulation is my religion, creating without touching a thing.  This is important to any artist, with our senses we must take it in, spit it out, and reimagine life.”

Q: Was it difficult to pull the show together?

A: “Difficulty only measured in time and sweat, truly. I had the works and such complete. The only struggle was the awkward gallery. The system for hanging work is really lacking, there’s a big shiny bar visually slashing your pieces in half. I toyed with the idea of another system, but upon the realization that I have 21 credit hours competing with the completing of the show I gave in to the gaudy bars.”

Q: How do you select which pieces will be presented?

A: “I was told that the best art shows are of the artist’s best work. So, naturally, I put whatever completed work I had. (Jokingly)”

Q: How have you evolved as an artist in your four years at SMWC?

A: “I have become even more unrealistically ambitious, critical, and aware.”

Q: What is your specific medium?

A: “I work in all media. Most of the pieces in my show will represent that. I have ceramic sculptures, photographs, 2d manipulations, paintings. I’m a fan of sarcasm and texture. I try to make my pieces reiterate that life is not as well explained or as aesthetically pleasing solely on a two-dimensional plane.”

The Hulman Hall Gallery, located in room , is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information about the gallery, contact Rebecca Andrews, chair of the Text & Image Department,

Works by Sarah Cole are on display in the Hulman Hall Art Gallery through Nov. 9. (Photo credit: Sierra Smith)


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