SMWC Elections class takes straw poll

By Jade Scott

The HI319 class, History in the Making: National Elections at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College took a straw poll focusing on who students, faculty, staff, and community members were going to vote for President as well as which political party they were going to vote for.

A straw poll is an unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion.

The survey sample size was 105, with 95 of those going to vote or had already voted for President.  Of those from the sample, 78 percent were students, 4 percent were staff, 13 percent were faculty, and 4 percent were other members of the local community.

Out of the entire sample, 64 percent of voter-respondents supported President Obama with 28 percent supporting Governor Romney, and 6 percent voting as supporting other.  This pattern was closely reflected among two sub-populations: students showing 63 percent voting Democratic, 26 percent voting Republican, and 11 percent voting other.  Similarly, faculty resultes showed 77 percent voting Democratic, 23 percent voting Republican, and 0 voting other.

“These results may indicate the pulse of our campus community but of course, due to the very small sample size and non-random sampling method, they have no statistical validity,” said Ron Moore, adjunct professor who is currently teaching the History in the Making: National Elections class.

The History in the Making: National Elections class would like to thank all of those that participated in this straw poll.

A spreadsheet showing the full results of the straw poll conducted by the History in the Making: National Elections class





















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