The Super Bowl: Ads, the game, or nothing

By Kelsey Vanwey

Staff writer

About 40 students flowed in and out of Sullivan Parlor on Feb. 3 to watch the Super Bowl at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Based on an informal survey of the SMWC community, it was a split crowd on which team Woodsies wanted to win.

More than 70 people replied to the survey. Out of those, 52.2 percent were rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, while 47.8 percent were rooting for the Baltimore Ravens.

Students hung out in groups all throughout the large Sullivan Parlor, some up close to the big-screen TV.

Attendees enjoyed wings, chips, candy, and cookies as well as fruits & veggies for those who preferred not to have junk food.  A variety of drinks were also provided, non-alcoholic of course.

Unfortunately, those rooting for the 49ers were disappointed with the final score, with the Ravens winning 34-31.

Some people don’t get caught up in the Super Bowl frenzy.  For those who do, it’s about the ads or the teams, or both.

James Valles, assistant professor of math at SMWC, is one of those people who does not get caught up in it.  In an email asking for people to participate in the survey about the Super Bowl, Valles said he did not watch the game.

Instead he caught the end of a Law & Order marathon.

Others prefer to only watch it for commercial entertainment.  Jessica Pitts, freshman at SMWC, said that she only really watches it because her family invites people over.

But for her, it’s the ads that really draw her in.

Her top pick from the Super Bowl ads is the Dodge Ram “God Made a Farmer” commercial.

“Because I am a farmer, I guess, and that hits home with me when a commercial or ad talks about farming and agriculture,” she said when asked why.

In a review of the ads by Ken Wheaton, managing editor of, the Dodge Ram ad was not one of his top picks. features current ad and marketing news.

In his article review he had four ads tied at a four-star rating.  Check out his picks here:

Top picks are one thing, ratings are another.

In household ratings done by Kantar Media, the highest rated commercial in this year’s Super Bowl was a CBS promo for its show “Person of Interest.”

But what about the game? There are those who watch it to root for a specific team.

Going into half time the Ravens were up 21-6.  But Amanda Payton, a self-proclaimed 49ers fan, still had hope.

That is, until the power went out. Then Payton said, “Bad omen for the 49ers,” while at the party in Sullivan Parlor.

It did turn out to be a bad omen, unfortunately, for Payton and 49er fans.

Not everyone was upset with the turnout.

Shelby Partin, a SMWC junior, was rooting for the Ravens.

“I am not a true Ravens fan,” she said after the game. “I just preferred them over the 49ers … but I was really excited and happy they won.”

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