MUSIC: Meet Indy group Grime Time Collective

Photo by Sierra Smith-Swickard

Mikey Klingman of G.T.C. while DJing at a show at the Emerson Theater.

By Sierra Smith-Swickard

Staff writer

Pop quiz: Name a musician discovered on YouTube, Sound Cloud or Facebook.

Tick, tock. Time is up. Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson are some familiar names, at least to me and some friends looking at an article and slideshow on, following the curiosity of who has been discovered on social media.

In the Mashable slideshow “15 Wannabes Who Found Fame on YouTube,” big names such as Ellen, Justin Timberlake and Usher discovered the now-famous “wannabes.” With that kind of possible outcome, why not put yourself out there, whether a musician, comedian or whatever.

That’s what Grime Time Collective, based in the Indianapolis area, is doing.

Grime Time Collective, better known as G.T.C., plays what would most commonly be referred to as electronic music. This genre is no exception to the YouTube phenomena. Help from under-21 clubs, radio stations, and even television shows enhances the popularity of this genre of music and helps the young DJs start their careers as well.

Constant members of G.T.C. are Mikey Klingman, Austin Hood, Kyle Johnson, Michael Freese and Zach Szachnitowski. They are working their way through the country’s under-21 club scene as well as working parties and working on radio stations.

The group has earned a monthly gig at the Emerson Theatre on East 10th Street  in Indianapolis.

According to Klingman, the group got this gig because he “knew the sound guy” at the Emerson who used to volunteer there. The sound guy set him up with someone else, who then connected him with the venue directly. Afterwards, Klingman took over and began hosting their Electronic Monthly’s.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College sophomore Samantha Reed was one of the faces in the crowd at G.T.C.’s show on Jan. 19. “I thought the show was exciting,” Reed said. “I haven’t been to a techno show so it was an interesting difference. The bass in the sound was cool because it was loud enough to vibrate our chairs.”

G.T.C. performs their next show, MASSIVE, tonight (Feb. 15) at the Emerson Theatre. The tickets are $5 presale and $7 at the door.


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