The Legacy Continues

By Kelsey Vanwey

As the 91st Ring Day celebration comes to an end at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, it is time to prepare for next year’s Ring DSC_7305Day.

During this, year’s Ring Day at the Church of the Immaculate Conception Dottie L. King (President) stated, “candidates have earned the right to wear the ring.” King also mentioned that this ring symbolizes legacy and loyalty. The theme of this year’s Ring Day was legacy.

The next person to speak was the president of the junior class Kirstin Strow. Strow took the time to thank all of those whom have helped those receiving their ring throughout their life.

Rosemary Nudd, S.P., associate professor of English then took to the podium and spoke on the meaning of the Ring. Nudd also spoke on the meaning behind the Ring Day song.

After all 74 students received their ring King invited everyone into O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall for a small reception to celebrate. Like any reception or celebration, it was all laughter and smiles while students celebrated their accomplishment with their loved ones and fellow classmates.

For Ring Day 2014, “I hope that Ring Day is just like the Ring Day that the juniors this year had. It was beautiful and it kept all the traditions that we have for Ring Day. I think that Ring Day is all about tradition and legacy. So I hope my class follows all the same tradition and legacies that the years before us have.” – Emily Kilby, sophomore





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