Movie Review: “Mad Monster Party?”

Mad_Monster_Party_DVD_4          By: Jamie Burkett

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are changing, the temperature is falling, and Halloween is fast approaching. We at The Woods newspaper staff have decided to start an entertainment section, and we thought it would be great to review some lesser-known Halloween themed movies.

Today’s review is of the 1967 stop motion animation film “Mad Monster Party?” It features Boris Karloff, who is best known for playing Frankenstein’s monster in the 1930s and later in his career playing doctor Frankenstein, and Phyllis Diller, best known for her iconic voice. One role you may know her from is as the voice of the queen from “A Bugs life.”

The plot follows Boris von Frankenstein as he invites practically all of the classic horror movie monsters, such as Dracula, The Wolfman, even Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and his human nephew Felix, to a “Party” on a secluded island. It is later revealed that Dr. Frankenstein had other plans—to name a successor, and retire from “the monster making business.” However, a recent concoction of his could have catastrophic consequences for everyone.

The film is lighthearted and has some great one-liners, such as Dracula referring to himself as “the original batman.” The aesthetic style of the film should be very familiar to anyone who has seen the ABC family Christmas marathons as the style of the backdrops, and the figures look like they must have had the same team working on this movie as those Christmas movies we all know. The film is a bit long at 94 minutes, especially for a stop motion animation, but it is definitely worth a watch for classic horror fans who like a good laugh. I give it four out of five acorns.


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