Movie Review: “Hellraiser”

hellraiser-300x300           By:  Jamie Burkett

Today’s review is of a slightly newer film: the 1987 horror film “Hellraiser,” a movie I had never seen before. Fair warning, it is a gory film. If you have a weak stomach, don’t watch this movie.

The movie starts off with a pretty disgusting scene of a man solving a puzzle box. It opens and his body is torn apart. The movie almost completely changes from that point. It goes to a couple, Julia and Larry, who are moving into Larry’s childhood home.

Larry’s adult daughter, Krissy, has also moved to the area, but chooses not to stay with them. As it turns out, the man who was ripped apart in the opening scene was Larry’s brother, Frank. Larry badly cuts his hand while moving furniture. The blood drips down to the attic, where it reaches Frank’s remains, somehow restoring his consciousness, and partially restoring his body. Frank needs more blood to come back completely, and enlists the help of Julia to do so. Julia agrees, as she cheated on Larry with him, and was still obsessed with Frank. She goes on a kidnapping and murder spree. In the end, it all is up to Krissy.

The movie is a bit dated, starts a bit slow, some of the effects are almost laughable, but all the same it still holds up, so I give it 3 out of 5 acorns.


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