Alternative Fall Break

IMG_0863 During the fall break, 13 students were led by two advisers, April          Simma, the director of Major and Planned Gifts, and Andrea Beyke, the  director of Campus Ministries, went to Nashville, TN, mainly working  for Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital’s We Care for Kids Day. All the  students were excited about the trip, which lasted for 4 days, from the  10th to 14th, October.

The group left on 9th, and arrived in Nashville at 10 pm. What  surprised them the most was the place they lived. All of the students  lived in the chapel of Vanderbilt University and slept in the hall. Their mattress were placed next to each other.                                                                                                IMG_1848

The group went to McDonald’s house, helping to clean on the first day. Some of them cleaned the windows, some raked the leaves in the yard, and some did weeding. All of them were full of energy and were happy to help.

They also had a picnic in the nearby park for lunch. In that afternoon, they were free to hang out. Most of them went to the Parthenon Park. They listened to the country music at that night.

On the second day, they went to work for Loaves and Fishes, a Catholic Charity. They sorted fall and winter clothes donated by others until 2 pm. In the afternoon, they walked around to enjoy the city which is famous for its country music history. They went a music bar that night for dinner. “It is a pity that we are under 21 and not allowed to drink. However, I still danced and enjoyed that. It’s really cool! If there is another activity on next break, I am willing to go.” Mengqi Liu, an international student from China said.

On the next morning, they made brunch by themselves. It was a really hearty meal, with bread, pancakes, potato silk, milk, orange juice, bananas, apples, and so on. When they finished their brunch, they went to the park and did the voluntary preparing work for Children’s Hospital’s We Care for Kids Day, which was the main job of this trip.IMG_2090

After morning work and  lunch on their last day, the group stared the journey back to campus, and all of them fell asleep on the road. At about 9 o’clock, they arrived safely back to campus.

“We get along with each other, and it is relaxing. It is great to give others our time.” Alejandra Garcia, a sophomore majoring in Equine Business Management, said.

The adviser, Beyke,  spoke highly of this group. “It is a good chance to [learn]. Nashville is a beautiful city and there are lots of things to do. All of us get along. Those who get help from us feel very happy.”


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