A Different New Year’s Celebration

By Kexin Li

Staff Writer

January 31st is the traditional mark of the New Year to every Chinese individual, no matter in China or abroad. This year is the year of the horse. Far away from family and friends, Chinese international students spent an unforgettable new year in the United States.

To celebrate New Year’s coming and to help more Americans learn about Chinese culture,  Chinese Student and Scholar Association at Indiana State University directed a celebration party on January 26th. With the students from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College as well as the Terre Haute Chinese School.

There were ancient Chinese costumes in a fashion show, Chinese traditional instruments, Chinese traditional dance, jazz, choir, vocal duet, clarinet, violin and piano performances. The celebration lasted an hour and a half, and it received high praise from the audience.

According to information from the performers, they had been preparing for that party for over a month. They started to organize the event before Christmas break. Some students even went back to China to take the necessary properties here.

Although tired, all the Chinese students enjoyed this party. Yang Wu, an international student from China at SMWC, who performed three piano accompaniments, said, “ I am so happy that we can show our culture to Americans. It is also a good chance to display ourselves and help to build versatile image. More Americans can know about China and Chinese. I believe we do an excellent job.”

On January 31st, a lot of Chinese individuals in Terre Haute got together in the World Gospel Church. They made dumplings, played games, sang and danced to celebrate their biggest festival.

“This is my first time to spend Chinese New Year without parents. Although it is not as good as home, I am not sad and still enjoy it with friends. It is a totally different experience. We learn a lot, and we know the love with families better. I really miss them, and I will take care of myself so that they need not to worry about me.” Tao Liu, another international student said.

It is understood that Taiwan celebrates the same New Year day with China. On February 2nd, they held a big party led by the Taiwanese Student Association at ISU. They performed Taiwan-featured programs. Besides the programs, they organized some small games and also sold special Taiwanese  jewelry.

There are 13 international students on our campus: 8 from China, 2 from Taiwan, 2 from South Korea and 1 from Ireland. They are all far away from home for learning and experience a totally different New Year and culture here.

Happy new year, everyone!

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