Movie Review “The Timer”

Review 1

The science-fiction romantic comedy “TIMER” (2009) is about a clock like device that counts down to the moment a person meets their soul mate. The movie follows the story of Oona an orthodontist, whose “TIMER” never actually started counting down, which everyone generally assumes to mean her soul mate never got a TIMER implant. Oona lives with her sister whose TIMER will not reach the end of its count down until her sister is in her early forties.

On the first day of the story it is Oonas younger brothers day to receive his TIMER as it is his fourteenth birthday, once it’s on, his TIMER activates and its countdown begins, as only twenty four hours until he will meet her. This movie had some real problems, one of which being the amount of times the main character said the word “moot,” it felt like it was said more times then a normal person would have said it.

There is this weird thing about hunting masks, and it doesn’t really make sense and is just loosely tied into the movie. The ending isn’t really definitive, but I actually really like that about this movie. The movie feels awkward at times but I actually did enjoy it, it had its moments, so check out timer if you have time.

Three out of five acorns.

-Jamie Burkett


Review 2

“The Timer” is a slightly unusual romantic movie. The movie is based on the concept of a timer existing that can count down the time until one meets their “soul mate”. The concept is not the unusual part, however, it is a rather easy concept to follow, it is the ending that is unusual.

The main character, Oona battles her feelings about an electronic timer telling her who her true love is throughout the course of the movie. Oona goes through her feelings along with her stepsister who is constantly encouraging Oona to be more outgoing and enjoy life while she waits for her soul mate.

Oona attempts to take her sisters advice, and more problems ensue. This would probably be a good movie to watch with family members or friends based on the unusual nature  of the ending.

I give it three out of five acorns.

-Abby Kirchner

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