Chinese School of the Wabash Valley provides students with unique learning opportunities

Students are learning and practicing writting on the whiteboard Photo by Kexin Li

Photo by Kexin Li
Students are learning and practicing writting on the whiteboard

By Kexin Li

Staff Writer

The Chinese School of the Wabash Valley (CSWV) is a non-profit organization, which sponsors a number of Chinese language and culture classes in the Wabash Valley. The organization was started in 2007 by a group of parents with children adopted from China and a group of parents of Chinese-American origin. The mission of CSWV is to provide instruction in the Mandarin language and the Chinese culture. It became obvious soon after that there was also a need to offer classes for children from recently immigrated Chinese families and Americans who are interested in Chinese in the Wabash Valley and surrounding communities.

“There are around 30 students total in different ages. Although there are not too many students, we are doing the volunteer work, and we try our best to teach and hope to introduce Chinese culture,” said Karen Liu, vice president and administrator of CSWV.

 Classes are offered every Saturday at Indiana State University. There are eight classes total, which students are divided into different levels. The volunteers at who help teach are professors and students from that attend ISU and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

“I am a graduate student of ISU, and I have taught here over one year. I really enjoy teaching Chinese to my students. I appreciate the class time I spend with my students. They are always adorable and hard-working. I hope they can be more active, and I am so happy to meet people who are really interested in my culture.” Yichong Xu, a non-heritage teen and adult class teacher, said.

Yongmei Du, an international student from China at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, also shared her feelings. “This is my first time teaching Chinese. I knew this Chinese school when I went to the World Gospel Church. My major is musical education, and I dream of being a teacher in the future. This is a great chance for me. I am so glad that I can join them and teach Chinese. Of course, it is also a big challenge to me, but I will try my best to do it well. I believe, with the help and instructions from my cooperated teacher Michelle, I will make great progress. I hope I can teach more people Chinese as well as Chinese culture so that people can know more about my country.”


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