The Good Samaritan’s Club Kicks-off First Annual Hunger Banquet

By Jessica Pitts

Staff Writer

"High class" society  Photo by Jessica Pitts

“High class” society
Photo by Jessica Pitts

Poverty is a worldwide concern that many don’t realize can be right out their back door; the Good Samaritan’s Club at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College wanted to raise the awareness of the global hunger issue. On Tuesday, March 25 the organization held the first annual Hunger Banquet in O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall.

Once students checked in, they had to pick up a colored piece of paper that represented a different country. The green slips symbolized high-class society, the purple papers stood for middle-class, and the yellow pieces represented the low-income or impoverished families.

The “high”class group was allowed to eat what ever they wanted. They at the tables and had their choice of food and drink. They were also allowed to use napkins, spoons, forks, and knives

The “middle” class group was allowed to sit at tables with plastic silverware. They were only allowed one “meat,” two vegetables, and one drink.


the impoverished class eating from bowls
Photo by Jessica Pitts

The “low” class group had to sit on the floor and eat. They were only provided with a small bowl of rice and a cup of water. They had to eat the rice with their fingers; no utensils were allowed.

Erin Harnett, Good Samaritan Club President stated, “It turned out better than I expected, but people didn’t get the eye opening experience that I had hoped for.”

Some students didn’t quite understand the big picture of the project, but overall, according to Club Treasurer Maribeth Allen, it was a success as the first annual hunger banquet.

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