The outbreak of Coronavirus stops James Webb Space Telescope operations

Telework is now the overall platform, where NASA workers have to carry out their work as a way of avoiding social interaction, which is the primary way that spreads the virus faster. NASA officials said that their anticipated missions might encounter delays. However, the agency has placed some preparations aside to enable workflow from its workers.

James Webb Space Telescope is among the operations that have been hardly hit by the pandemic. Their work is now on hold as they wait to curb the spread of the virus.

On Friday, during the Science Mission Directorate meeting, massive questions erupted concerning the response of NASA towards Coronavirus pandemic. The primary goal of the occasion was to allow Thomas Zurbuchen and other associates to provide a clear explanation concerning the budget request of the 2021 financial year by Donald Trump.

On his opening remarks, Zurbuchen, an associate administrator, said that his team will apply a rule known as ‘elephant rule,’ and if there is a disturbing factor in the room, they will talk about it. The issue of Coronavirus and its impacts on science and astronomy will be among the main issues under discussion.

Zurbuchen noted that the guidelines put in place would primarily affect various types of Telework in different parts of China. He pointed out banned science space trips, which will affect the sector more. However, the flights not permanently canceled since the agency will find a specific date and day to carry out some of their operations after the pandemic has come to a calm state. 

The most budgeted for NASA operations could face notable impacts from Coronavirus as most of the activities locked behind doors. Presently, the spaceship will loft the coming March. There was a report suggesting that the operation had a 12% chance of meeting the deadline, so Coronavirus should not be the primary blame for the delay of the mission. Since there is an outbreak of a pandemic that has taken the whole world into darkness, the operation will delay.

NASA had anticipated launching Mars Mission this July. The mission entailed a perseverance rover and a helicopter to perform some tests on the rover. However, the purpose will join other awaiting objects first to handle the current pandemic. It is among other fundamental operations scheduled to take place but will have to wait and give attention to the Coronavirus pandemic.