The outbreak of Coronavirus stops James Webb Space Telescope operations

Telework is now the overall platform, where NASA workers have to carry out their work as a way of avoiding social interaction, which is the primary way that spreads the virus faster. NASA officials said that their anticipated missions might encounter delays. However, the agency has placed some preparations aside to enable workflow from its workers.

James Webb Space Telescope is among the operations that have been hardly hit by the pandemic. Their work is now on hold as they wait to curb the spread of the virus.

On Friday, during the Science Mission Directorate meeting, massive questions erupted concerning the response of NASA towards Coronavirus pandemic. The primary goal of the occasion was to allow Thomas Zurbuchen and other associates to provide a clear explanation concerning the budget request of the 2021 financial year by Donald Trump.

On his opening remarks, Zurbuchen, an associate administrator, said that his team will apply a rule known as ‘elephant rule,’ and if there is a disturbing factor in the room, they will talk about it. The issue of Coronavirus and its impacts on science and astronomy will be among the main issues under discussion.

Zurbuchen noted that the guidelines put in place would primarily affect various types of Telework in different parts of China. He pointed out banned science space trips, which will affect the sector more. However, the flights not permanently canceled since the agency will find a specific date and day to carry out some of their operations after the pandemic has come to a calm state. 

The most budgeted for NASA operations could face notable impacts from Coronavirus as most of the activities locked behind doors. Presently, the spaceship will loft the coming March. There was a report suggesting that the operation had a 12% chance of meeting the deadline, so Coronavirus should not be the primary blame for the delay of the mission. Since there is an outbreak of a pandemic that has taken the whole world into darkness, the operation will delay.

NASA had anticipated launching Mars Mission this July. The mission entailed a perseverance rover and a helicopter to perform some tests on the rover. However, the purpose will join other awaiting objects first to handle the current pandemic. It is among other fundamental operations scheduled to take place but will have to wait and give attention to the Coronavirus pandemic.


A nation challenges associates on home creation of renewable power yield

NAIROBI, KENYA: The government of Kenya has challenged its associates in promoting home creation of recyclable power products instead of aiming at their importation. 

Dan Marangu, who is the renewable energy director at the ministry of energy, stated that the country’s commitment to reducing the fossils fuels usage by implementing renewables within the national power mix of which energy mix was around 90 percent recyclable.

Dan added that most submissions concerning the Paris Agreement majorly depended on recyclable energy with evidence from the National Determined Contributions (NDCS) process update ongoing at the moment.

He added that shareholders should interact with the draft bio-energy approach that is out to the public area and present comments to the Ministry of Energy. 

Detailing part of the current administration commitments in implementing the Sustainable Energy for All Action Agenda, Dan confirmed the advantage of Kenya Off-grid Solar Access Project (KOSAP) in energizing agriculture, water pumping, and public institutions lighting.

He distinguished that the Energy Act 2019 rollout was ongoing and that the sector of biogas was aiming at installing 2 million units that at the meeting time was hardly 30, 000 units.

Dan Marangu made the comments during a roundtable meeting between the non-state actors, ministry of environment and forestry to talk about research consultancy findings on the world flow of climate money towards decentralized recyclable energy.

The one-day occasion held courtesy of monetary support from Hivos East Africa that is under the Green and Inclusive Energy plan.

The meeting convened for sharing research consultancy findings commissioned by Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG) through financing from Hivos in November 2019 with regards to the world flow of climate money towards decentralized recyclable power systems.

John Kioli, who is the KCCWG chairperson, reiterated the benefit of money under the Paris Agreement, Article 2 (1) c as dangerous while emphasizing that power is a primary element in the agreement realization.

Kioli confirmed to the participants that the climate change Act of 2016 has essential provisions as well as the climate change finance, whose point is to back up the execution of adaptation and alleviation schemes in the nation.

Kioli stated that there is a call for developed nations to live to the obligation of backing up developing countries in mitigating and adapting climate change. He confirmed that underscoring the appeal for enhancing capacity, especially at the level of the county government in delivering on the matters of climate change


Cameroon’s SMEs gets a funding of $5M to support the sustainable power source and water from Switzerland

Switzerland grants Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Cameroon $5M to help them put into operation their anticipated water and renewable projects.

Alamine Ousmane Mey, a Cameroonian Minister of Economy, Planning, and Land Management, signed funds deals with the leaders of SMEs. Pietro Lazzeri, who is a Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon, was there as a witness during the signing of that deal.

The three firms entail Sawel Water Sanitation and Environment, experience Incorporated Cameroon, and Solar Hydrowatt. The three were under selection after an urge for projects inaugurated within the circle of the SVF in the previous two years. Each firm got over the US $1.6M.

Information regarding the project

Sawel Water Sanitation and Environment, a firm that specializes in renewable energies, will use the funds they received to budget on how they will aid in the edification of water boreholes and solar generating structures, irrigation, and livestock structures.

Funds given to Solar, hydro watt, a firm located in township hydraulics, will budget on the installation of a crossbreed structure located in Fotetsa on the Western side of Cameroon.

About 1,500 residents will have access to electricity produced by a hybrid structure of 120Kw and 15Kw incapacity. Finances from Experience Incorporated Cameroon, a joint firm that specializes in the production of potato, will help in running agricultural projects in Santa, a region found in the North-West of Cameroon. 

However, Cameroon is still not yet back to the field in attaining its goals of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) meant for water and sanitation. Looking at remarkable developments done by Cameroon from 1990, it is clear that it still has a long way to go. For instance, more needs are still on their pending list and have to do to improve the stagnated growth in rural areas.

Back in 2006, over three-quarters of the Cameroon population had access to clean drinking water. Due to the influx of urban population to 80 percent, there was an increase in demand for water in urban areas as compared to rural areas. This factor hindered accessibility to clean water by the current infrastructures in urban regions as the daily water uses are always on the surge. It resulted in worsened hygiene in urban areas because of the limited purpose of water, having in mind the bills to be paid at the end of every week. Only half of the population in urban areas had access to amenities with improved hygiene.


David Bryan of Bon Jovi tests positive for coronavirus; Cassie Randolph offers update on Colton Underwood

David Bryan, Bon Jovi keyboardist and a Tony Award-winning composer, has tested positive for the coronavirus, the rocker announced.


Coronavirus live updates: US surpasses 26,000 cases as Senate negotiates massive stimulus package; New Jersey, Hawaii join in restrictions

A bipartisan deal appeared imminent Sunday on a ballooning stimulus package aimed at pumping life into a national economy staggered by coronavirus-driven shutdowns and quarantines. The deal, now estimated at $1.4 trillion, includes $1,200 checks for most U.S. adults and hundreds of billions to assist businesses ground almost to a halt by the pandemic.


20% of wind energy can meet US power demand within a decade

According to Cornell University, with the same land, the US could produce 20% of its power from the wind for ten years. “Currently, the US generates 7% of its power from wind energy,” Professor Sara Pryor said -Department of Earth and the Atmospheric Sciences. “The study indicates that with the installed capacity of wind turbines since 2014 will enable us to achieve the objective of 20% of power from the wind, without additional land or negative outcomes from the local climates.”


In two weeks, the future of college has become uncertain, thanks to coronavirus

In the span of roughly two weeks, the American higher education system has transformed. Its future is increasingly uncertain.