Dragon Crew Mission is a Go

As part of their first Crew Dragon mission, the astronauts confirm that they recognize and agree that there are risks involved in using an entirely new spacecraft. However, scientists report the speculation that the risks can be reduced significantly.

Before the mission, NASA had a set of safety measures used as guidelines for the crewed mission. Among them is a ‘loss-of-crew’ merit figure. This regulation is a measure of the likelihood of one or more individuals dying on a spaceship or permanent disability while on a mission – from 1 to 270.

It is challenging, however, for Boeing and SpaceX to fulfill these criteria. This is the concern posed after a series of meetings by the Aerospace Health Advisory Council of the government. According to the council, safety is the main concern for the program

A report from the company’s NASA and both partnering firms that responded shows that the progress realized is made through improving the space shuttle as well as other ‘operative mitigations’ to satisfy the 1 in 270 specifications 

According to Kathy Lueders, the manager of the NASA commercial crew program, the mission aims to satisfy the 1-in-270 obligation from SpaceX to maximize operational power. Fulfilling this objective includes NASA’s coordination with SpaceX to streamline the design. The two partnering agencies also worked on modeling the space shuttle laying special attention on how to mitigate risks and injuries incurred by micrometeoroids and orbital debris.

As the spacecraft currently stands, the team does not have a chance to deal with such a situation. NASA Associate President Steve Jurczyk, while speaking at a press briefing on May 22, said that a big part of a preflight analysis is the assessment and recognition of the risks. The team is aware that there will be residual threats during the ride.

The astronauts who will be operating the project Demo-2, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley said they know the dangers, and they appropriate them. In a May 22 media available, Behnken says that the criterion for the 1-in-270 loss-of-crew is a little lower than the general figures would suggest.

Up until 2015, each astronaut flew into space on separate space flights. The two astronauts have been participating in the program as part of NASA’s commercial team. They recently made it through when NASA chose them as part of the initial team of astronauts to train and work on their commercial crew vehicles for both Boeing and SpaceX. The Demo-2 mission was officially assigned by NASA in August 2018 to Behnken and Hurley.


Treasury is not likely to change the rule, which eliminates the Space Companies from the Relief credits

Representatives of Space firms and other different sectors in the industry have tried to persuade Treasury to do away with the rule that is disqualifying many startup businesses from acquiring Corona Virus relief programs.

 Small businesses should have less than 500 workers and should not be owned by a large investment firm or a working capital company that has over 500 employees to be eligible for these loan programs. Several unions and legislators have been trying to waive off this rule so that struggling companies can access emergency aid. However, Treasury pushes the changing of this rule back because if it does allow it, this will change the aim of the Business Administration’s Loan Program, which was established to help separately owned small firms.

 The essential loan in this program is the small business Paycheck Protection loan, which helps the startups to maintain their staff for about two months. This loan is payable after two years or not owed at all if the downsizing of the workforce is not done.

In an interview with SpaceNews, Jose Ocasio-Christian, the CEO of Caelus Partners, said that this loan program has brought up a predicament of whether small businesses and working capital firms should break their ties to qualify for the loans. He also said that the VC’s should look beyond the waiver and understand that to receive assistance from the government, they also have to give some help as well.

Jose continued saying that if a small business that is possessed by a large company gets help, then there is a possibility of scam because the company might be getting help already from the government through the CARES provisions. Therefore if the startup wants help, it has first to break ties with the company that owns it. The problem with this is that many startup companies do not wish to do it.

Large companies such as Boeing, which have been hit hardly by the COVID-19 pandemic, are receiving billions through this CARES ACT, and if Boeing funds the startup in terms of structure, then under the CARES ACT, it is counted as one of Boeing’s properties.

Christian later added that if a holding company is not ready to release a startup company to be independent, then the holding company should be in a position to help the startup company in case of any need. If there is a problem between the holding company and the startup company, then the startup company should get help from the national defense department or the government.

Jose concluded, saying that the lesson learned from this calamity is that they should now know how to invest in space companies to help them in case of a future disaster.


The advantages and setbacks of renewables

By its essence, clean power is loaded-it is also not drained. Since alternative power sources arise from ordinary natural events such as sunlight or a river, many other sites have vast volumes of green energy. The overall power-related pollution of greenhouse gases in the USA registered for just 1 percent. Renewable energy does not involve any combustion, which lowers carbon prices, contrary to other carbon fuels. The use of widely accessible renewable energy technologies is less invasive, contributing to fewer calamities in the ecosystem, less waste and soil loss, and emissions.

The source of renewable energy is obtained from various sources that account for multiple volumes of the state’s grid system. The familiar renewable sources of energy include solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass. Wind power is utilized in turbines that produce electricity as they rotate. With minimal emissions, this type of power generation can also be described as ‘Wind Company’ or broad sections of field that include a lot of all-rounder turbines. The initiative implies that wind power, based on the environment, is quite efficient.

On the other hand, solar energy entails power utilized by sunlight, typically harvested by solar panels. Across any place, solar cells can be constructed, including the rooftops, car parks, and in industries. Additionally, solar energy entails the primary source of clean energy for people since residence can use the power from the sun effectively through the installation of solar cells on the ceilings and rooftops. Consequently, solar energy is a competitive industry, and technicians, including Elon Musk, have developed several solar panels.

Renewable energy has its share of disadvantages. Capture machines, like turbines, may cause costly maintenance problems because of the susceptibility to forces of nature like high temperatures, wind, and salinity. Similarly, climate changes will affect clean energy efficiency, reducing end-users’ quality. Several earlier energy grids fail to accommodate renewable energy, therefore, reducing investment opportunities to develop electricity. Likewise, certain types of renewable technology take significant time and expense in the early stage, a challenge that is mostly solved by policy tax cuts to encourage clean energy installations.

The economic expense of developing and setting up solar panels is also controversial, and these involve more carbon fuels and power compared to the panel production in its working lifetime. New technologies, technical procedures, and fuel-saving technologies, like IoT, emerge as technologies keep expanding. As at present state, dual-digit growth has been seen in solar and wind power, and nuclear remains at the top.


Government Backing Planned to Boost Space Industry

During a conference call last week, the extended space industry parties decided to emphasize growing the space industry. The video conference saw an attendance of close to 150 top government officials as well as space industry experts. According to the meetings roster the main agenda was to come up with a plan to ensure the industry grows

The meeting named the State of the Space Industrial Base 2020, was the idea of the defense Innovation Unit together with the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as the U.S Space Force. However, the NewSpace organization pulled strings to have the meeting.  Among the issues raised was the short term implications of the Coronavirus and necessary steps to place in order to counter these effects

However, the meeting featured talks on the U.S. federal government exposure to the private-sector space infrastructure. The topic was an area of interest to both DIU and AFRL, which co-publicized the U.S. Space Industry Base issues last year. Authorities caution of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole economy that corporations in the space industry might put their ventures out of commission or shift its focus onto foreign customers.  

 Come June; the committee expects to provide a report on the government’s strategies and initiatives to draw the country invest in the Space Industry to promote public and private space projects and to put more emphasis on stem awareness in order to grow potential talent. The conference planners also stated that they plan to utilize the result findings to affect the department’s budgetary plans for the coming year.

According to President Trump’s Deputy Assistant and the National Space Council Executive Director Scott Pace, it is still too early to know the pandemic’s effects on NASA and the DoD space programs. Pace went on to say on May 6th during a podcast by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics that the major problem at the moment is about returning to work.

Pace also ascertains that the President is focusing on resuming scheduled services because the administration finds the costs high. Parties in charge have to monitor the operational expenses in this pandemic. President Trump’s attempts to re-open the country and bring back work as quickly and as secure as possible are the most immediate projects at hand

Pace also relayed that NASA and DoD should allow other space companies to acquire the necessary tools needed to compensate and retain their workers’ salaries


Increased Government Intervention is Answer to Space Industry Problems

The space industry is a bit cramped up, says Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck. According to a recent statement, Beck predicted a possible bottling effect of the industry in the foreseeable future should it fail to expand. As it currently stands, the industry is only capable of holding out two players. However, a look into the numbers lately shows that the industry presently has 100 small companies and counting. However, Beck confirms that the industry only needs two large companies to satisfy the already minimal demand. 

Beck further states that the coronavirus will prove as a filtering tool for the industry. Several smalltime companies that rely on venture capitalist contributions are on the chopping block following a reduced capital outflow. Experts expect the situation to proceed for the next year and a half. According to Beck, the current situation makes it harder for crowdfunded startups to start and maintain operations. 

Beck expects that his company, Rocket Lab, can emerge among the top of the range. In the last years, the industry experienced a massive influx of players that saw the rise of companies like Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, among other little known companies. However, as the current market prevails, there will be an expected cutthroat competition for the top positions. Becks projections into the future show the need for the industry to research better applications of the communication technologies that will open more doors for progress.

The pandemic has taken a hard toll on the industry. However, the massive players in the industry need to come up with innovative ways to combat the effect of the virus. Such includes Rocket Lab’s plans to return operations to normalcy. Rocket Lab is way ahead with its plans to reopen its New Zealand based launchpad. Rocket Lab will continue with its previous planned launch of the 12th Electron Rocket mission launch.

On the flip side, smalltime companies might get help from the government. This turnaround is after the department of defense released word that it will key in as a significant customer for worthy companies capable of handling tasks. The inclination of the government as a significant player in the industry has pulled the interests of the Pentagon. If the plans proceed, the industry will see increased government intervention. Beck confirms that government intervention is a good turn around for the industry. Rocket Lab recently completed the unveiling of its launch site at Wallops Island Virginia, where the company plans to launch Air Force satellites this coming August 


How Norway managed to achieve success in the switch to Electric vehicles

American citizens love their cars, which are gas-guzzling, smog-producing, and air-polluting. The majority of the people have agreed that the development of the electric vehicles will lead to a reduction in the consumption of oil and pollution in the atmosphere the idea that most of the third world countries will put into consideration soon, and most of the people are making the switch.

The adoption of the plug-in and all-electric vehicles has increased rapidly in the past decade. In the U.S., electric cars only make up two percent of the total car sale. The situation in the U.S. is useful to compare with that of Norway, which is the world leader in electric vehicle, which has more than 40 percent of the car sold while most of the lead drivers are waiting for the new models, which is a trend for 30 years.

Daniel Mildford FLathagen, who is 36 years from Trondheim and is a government agency employee, said that the change takes time because a person needs to break from the old trend and purchase the electric and inform the friends to close the excellent vehicle. Daniel waited for 18 months for a new electric car from the Hyundai Kona Electric.  

Norway is a small country with a rural state, with 5 million populations has developed hype for electric cars. The broader rural community in Norway U.S. and China have had high sales in numbers, which has sold 1.2 million in China and 360,000 in the U.S. that include the hybrid vehicles in the year 2018. Norway has the highest number of sales in electric vehicle sales in the world.

Giving a loan on the purchase of the electric vehicle has developed the culture for acceptance of the function of the electric cars, which are more gas-guzzlers. The reputation of Norway as one of nature-loving and the population love the environment management, but the country has a direct explanation. People earn when they drive electric vehicles in Norway. 

Most of the citizens love the bonus associated with an electric vehicle, according to Elisabeth Sakkestad. She is the user of Electric cars at the age of 32 and works at the Stavanger aid organization. She added a person feels better when she drives electric cars compared to the ones that use fossil fuel. Elisabeth said the economic benefit that one plays a significant role in educating the people and the switch to emission-free cars. The Norwegian government has made more statement to have the electric vehicle use 


NASA Plans for Future Explorations

NASA’s most recent deep space rover project expected to land on Mars come 2020 is ready for the launch in mid-July, some of the Organization’s critical concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, representatives said April 15.

Thanks to its short boot range, the $2.4 billion projects recently received a green light. It is no worry that the that is going to check for signs of past existence on Mars and preserved fossils for potential exploration using a rover dubbed Perseverance is a high priority. For preparation to achieve its destination on Mars for February 2021, the spaceship will be released between 17 and 5 July. If the Mars 2020 rover does not commence its journey in August, its mission will be postponed by two years s. The two years is a window period that will enable the rover to settle on Mars.

During the previous stipulated conference of NASA’s Mars Exploration System Analytical Group (MEPAG) on April 15, the primary agenda was to make it possible to make people’s health and welfare their first concern and also to hold everything on track. The Mars explorer is probably stored safely at the Kennedy Space Center and is expected to launch at any time, Glaze identified the Mars 2020 in the same category as the James Webb Space Telescope. He places the rover as one of the two main priorities in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. JWST research, however, slowed down by the end of March when several NASA employees allocated to Northrop Grumman facilities left after the final testing and launch. the spacecraft

 Come this year, February, the rover finally arrived at the KSC for final arrangements for the mission. Jim Watzin, director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, told a press briefing afterward on at the MEPAG gathering where around 80 people were working on the KSC spacecraft for Mars 2020, with another eighty working on the ultimate package of hardware for the project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He stressed that the JPL workers are “quickly progressing” to equipment teleworking.

The workers at KSC have begun to plan for the event. In all aspects of this project, we are black, including the timetable, says Watzin. Recent research includes the assembly and charging of the spacecraft below, the Mars Helicopter, a compact helicopter that will run from the rover after landing.

He said that the team collaborated and had the chance to hold a plan. Watzin further noted that the company did everything it could to strive to secure the Cape Team and to support it. An explanation of this has extra workplace facilities at KSC. This decision is so that workers can keep sufficient but functional gaps between themselves because they will not operate on the spacecraft in except when in the disinfected area


The most Icon car in Britain is Nissan Leaf

A survey for driving electric vehicles done for more than 700 cars showed that Nissan leaf is the most recognizable electric vehicle in the market. The car is in its second generation when it is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The leaf is the world’s bestselling electric vehicle now.  

According to the survey, 94 percent of the people recognized leaf as an electric vehicle. The second type of vehicle was Tesla Model S, while jaguar I-Pace was the third in the ranks among the top three. Tesla Model X comes fourth, which is one place lower than Mosel. The last in the top five electric vehicles is the BMW i3. The sixth position in this year’s ranking is MINI Electric and is new in the table. 

Apart from MINI, the other new models of the electric vehicles are Vauxhall Corsa-e, Mercedes EQC, Honda e, and Peugeot e-208. All were in the second part of the ranking table. All the above four vehicles were on the top of Smart EQ For Two, which is a new vehicle; however, it was the last in the rank, and fewer people recognized it on the available 16 electric vehicles. The vehicle in the survey had 45% of the people knew about the two-seat city car.

According to Richard Ingram, the editor of Driving Electric stated, the survey proof the brand of vehicle that is a bestselling electric vehicle for some years now, and the buyers have more information about it.  He added the market has more brands of electric vehicles, and the consumers have a task to do more research about the type of fantastic plug-in models. The market has various types of electric vehicles that were not on the list.

The survey also asked the people the kind of manufacturers that is leading with the electric vehicle charge and adoption. The top part of the list was Tesla was at the top while Nissan and the jaguar were the finals of the podium.  The third category of the survey was to rank the manufacturers of the Electric-Car innovation. In this category, Tesla was on the top while Jaguar and BMW came second and third in that category. The ranking changed when the respondents were to select the most appealing vehicle, and the jaguar went on the top while Tesla and BMW came third in the list. The general result for an electric vehicle in the year 2020 showed Nissan leaf and tesla model S the most preferred vehicles 


50 years back, Apollo 13’s Jack Swigert traveled to the moon, however overlooked something significant. Assessments.

The momentous anniversary has made people throughout the world to celebrate the mission, which is the most successful failure.  As we remember the first call for NASA Mission Control and the entire astronaut who put effort into the return of Apollo 13 crew members to their homes safely, we should think of the little somber period of this mission. It was the moment that Jack Swingert remembered his tax return filing is not done during the cutoff on 15 April 1970. 

To be precise, Swigert was not among the astronauts to be on the Apollo 13, and he was the backup crew. The first crew member Ken Mattingly had German measles, which was standard on those days; a few days before the launch and the management of NASA made a shift of the two to protect the health of the other crews.  Mattingly was never sick a was on the crew members that flew the Apollo 16. 

Swigert had not filed the taxes before he left for the mission because he had to prepare for a short period because of the swap. After 24 hours and 18 minutes in the mission, which was before the explosion of the disastrous oxygen tank explosion, Swigert had asked the mission controller if they had filled the tax returns. 

The laugh of Commander Jim Lovell made him ask for an extended period for filing returns. The mission controller continues to laugh. It was not funny because he required the extension, but the controller added a peal of laughter.

Swigert continued to explain his position about the tax return by making it severe, but to the mission controller, it was still funny and was breaking into a burst of laughter in the space. The joke continued, and it added some creativity now, the crew was in the plans to land in the moon. Jokingly The team leader suggested that Swigert misstep might interrupt the mission. One of the people added to the talk by asking if it is true that Jack had not filed the return, is income will purchase the ascent fuel for the next lunar module by the state government. 

Despite the jokes, the team controller assured Swigert that they would ensure his returns filling is on time. The delay is because he was not in another country, but his status as the US citizen aboard, which had qualified him for the extension period, and he will file without any penalty.