Are Renewables Not Benefiting Locals in Australia?

Australia is shifting to renewable energy technologies. In a strategy for this year, the government laid out a project roadmap to promote low emissions for the country. However, the outcome for the government’s plan is not going as expected. As part of the problem facing the project is that the government’s policy does not provide a leeway for the public to take advantage of the transition. 

The plan does not consider the discussion by academic experts, Australian Energy Market Operator, the Australian Industry group, and other opinions from energy ministers. These include views laying out the importance of renewables as an alternative source of energy. According to projections renewables will be capable of providing 75% of the country’s total energy production by 2025

Australia renewable sector can generate new employment opportunities for the labor market after the coronavirus pandemic clears. These prospects can aid the economy to become bigger and better, helping the Australian economy merge stronger yet cleaner. If the project is to bear fruits, the government has to take charge and return considerable benefits to the general public. As the plan stands the public hopes to garner little benefits at its completion

According to research done by concerned parties, the government turns to gain a lot by sharing benefits with the populous. The transition to renewable needs the input of both the governing body and the citizens. While the venture provides many employment opportunities for the public, it raises concerns which the project benefits.

There are projects in Australia that lays questions for the actual beneficiaries form renewables as a source of energy/among these is a renewables venture in Southwest Victoria that is the territory of two wind farms. These projects were able to secure energy supply tenders during the previously held renewables Energy Auction Scheme.

While the projects started with the aim of generating employment opportunities for the Victorian region, the outcome realized that a majority of employees came from outside, and no much significance came to the local residents. The occurrence is a clear picture of how renewable energy projects do not benefit the local residents. So much is this occurrence that local residents term it as a circus coming to town 

While there is no boundary for how far local employment distribution goes, there are clear indications for the need to inculcate residents form around the plants in the employments schemes for renewable energy projects. However, time will relay whether the prospect will be possible