Italy gets dizzy after taking forward steps in the electric vehicle sector

Italy has been seen slugging around the party of electric vehicles. Fiat, which fought with might and complaint about the actions taken by the entity towards electrification, greatly influenced Italy. In the long run, Fiat has denied concerns about the rate of electric vehicle’s competition and the urge to have electric cars. Currently, Italy has just achieved a 3 percent plug-in vehicle market share when Europe is approaching a 10 percent plug-in vehicle market share. The reason behind the great success of Europe is that vehicle manufacturers fear getting substantial charges if they slow their paces down towards the manufacturing and selling of electric cars.  

Things might turn around in Italy because the authorities agreed to advocate incentives that will aid get Italy out of the economic downfall as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Italy’s Chambers for Deputies voted for proposals that talked about fossil fuel vehicles. Honestly, it appears to be weird for Italy to take two different directions at the same time when other states are going one way. 

Veronica Aneris, Italy’s director at [email protected], said in a statement that the vote to support the purchase of superseded technologies like diesel vehicles is just a way of misappropriating public funds. It will result in the pollution of new cars, which spill poisonous gases in towns in 11 years to come. Also, funds acquired from taxpayers cannot be used to fund those technologies that might cost the health of an ordinary citizen, the whole planet at large, and the livability of towns.

This year, vehicle manufacturers must attain the threshold target of 95g for every kilometer for those cars they plan to trade in Europe, or else they will be forced to pay hefty fines. The new financial support will aid people in buying cars that have an emission rating of 1110g/km. It is not logical to back such assistance to the trade of dirty vehicles.

Fiat is still behind the curve because of the refusal period and foot-stomping, and that is why it is forced to implement the option of trading cleaner vehicles. Even just agree to pay hefty fines (agreeing to pay its vehicle manufacturer to manufacture and trade large numbers of electric cars on its behalf. The car manufacturer firm is Tesla, and it receives approximately $2 billion from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in exchange for getting more vehicles that pollute the environment. 

Even if global warming did not manage to drive Italian government officials into thinking of better strategies to deal with the situation, then Coronavirus and the effects of air pollution would.