EV Battery Discovery a Breakthrough for Tesla

Tesla’s reign in the electric vehicle market is a long-standing feat. However, the car making company wants to go further than its current bounds. Enter the cybertruck, one of Tesla’s greatest in its frontier of innovative products. 

While solar power regeneration is a widely discussed topic in the past, outcomes from available integrated systems on cars prove the venture useless. However, a look into the innovative design of Tesla’s first electric truck shows a vehicle ready to beat all odds. The cyber truck has managed to shine where its predecessors have failed, rechargeable roofs 

Record from test driving the cybertruck in comparison to other rechargeable roof scoops. A Prius roof can only provide an additional 2miles of range on a typical day. A figure that is to change depending on the region you’re in 

However, with more people residing in condominiums and flats being famous, having a solar panel on the car itself might be a decent way to fuel the vehicle partly with solar, at least. It is also great for adventure vehicles such as a cyber truck as well as for large cars with tons of floor, like Tesla Semi, to have a potentially extremely productive feature.

The idea has been the brainchild of Tesla CEO Elon Musk for years. Musk sought to investigate the theory further. In 2017, he said, but decided that it was not worth the effort at the moment, that he encouraged Tesla engineers to look at the incorporation of solar cells into model 3.

Musk said that the latest Tesla electric truck would have a solar roof alternative, which will add up to 15 miles of range per day after the introduction of the cyber vehicle. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has been studying theory for many years.

Throughout 2017 he confirmed he encouraged his team to see if solar cells can feature throughout Model 3, but they noticed that it did not make sense at the time. However, everything improved after two years 

Musk reported that the current Tesla electric pickup truck will now have a solar roof range that will add 15 miles a day after the completion of the Cyber car. It’s verified to come to a Tesla car for the first time with a solar roof array.

Tesla still wants to open the cyber truck’s configurator, and thus the Cybertruck’s solar roof feature is either unknown to us or accessible. If the design seems a success, possible future iterations of the same technology will find its way into construed hr releases of Teslas electric vehicles