The most Icon car in Britain is Nissan Leaf

A survey for driving electric vehicles done for more than 700 cars showed that Nissan leaf is the most recognizable electric vehicle in the market. The car is in its second generation when it is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The leaf is the world’s bestselling electric vehicle now.  

According to the survey, 94 percent of the people recognized leaf as an electric vehicle. The second type of vehicle was Tesla Model S, while jaguar I-Pace was the third in the ranks among the top three. Tesla Model X comes fourth, which is one place lower than Mosel. The last in the top five electric vehicles is the BMW i3. The sixth position in this year’s ranking is MINI Electric and is new in the table. 

Apart from MINI, the other new models of the electric vehicles are Vauxhall Corsa-e, Mercedes EQC, Honda e, and Peugeot e-208. All were in the second part of the ranking table. All the above four vehicles were on the top of Smart EQ For Two, which is a new vehicle; however, it was the last in the rank, and fewer people recognized it on the available 16 electric vehicles. The vehicle in the survey had 45% of the people knew about the two-seat city car.

According to Richard Ingram, the editor of Driving Electric stated, the survey proof the brand of vehicle that is a bestselling electric vehicle for some years now, and the buyers have more information about it.  He added the market has more brands of electric vehicles, and the consumers have a task to do more research about the type of fantastic plug-in models. The market has various types of electric vehicles that were not on the list.

The survey also asked the people the kind of manufacturers that is leading with the electric vehicle charge and adoption. The top part of the list was Tesla was at the top while Nissan and the jaguar were the finals of the podium.  The third category of the survey was to rank the manufacturers of the Electric-Car innovation. In this category, Tesla was on the top while Jaguar and BMW came second and third in that category. The ranking changed when the respondents were to select the most appealing vehicle, and the jaguar went on the top while Tesla and BMW came third in the list. The general result for an electric vehicle in the year 2020 showed Nissan leaf and tesla model S the most preferred vehicles