How Norway managed to achieve success in the switch to Electric vehicles

American citizens love their cars, which are gas-guzzling, smog-producing, and air-polluting. The majority of the people have agreed that the development of the electric vehicles will lead to a reduction in the consumption of oil and pollution in the atmosphere the idea that most of the third world countries will put into consideration soon, and most of the people are making the switch.

The adoption of the plug-in and all-electric vehicles has increased rapidly in the past decade. In the U.S., electric cars only make up two percent of the total car sale. The situation in the U.S. is useful to compare with that of Norway, which is the world leader in electric vehicle, which has more than 40 percent of the car sold while most of the lead drivers are waiting for the new models, which is a trend for 30 years.

Daniel Mildford FLathagen, who is 36 years from Trondheim and is a government agency employee, said that the change takes time because a person needs to break from the old trend and purchase the electric and inform the friends to close the excellent vehicle. Daniel waited for 18 months for a new electric car from the Hyundai Kona Electric.  

Norway is a small country with a rural state, with 5 million populations has developed hype for electric cars. The broader rural community in Norway U.S. and China have had high sales in numbers, which has sold 1.2 million in China and 360,000 in the U.S. that include the hybrid vehicles in the year 2018. Norway has the highest number of sales in electric vehicle sales in the world.

Giving a loan on the purchase of the electric vehicle has developed the culture for acceptance of the function of the electric cars, which are more gas-guzzlers. The reputation of Norway as one of nature-loving and the population love the environment management, but the country has a direct explanation. People earn when they drive electric vehicles in Norway. 

Most of the citizens love the bonus associated with an electric vehicle, according to Elisabeth Sakkestad. She is the user of Electric cars at the age of 32 and works at the Stavanger aid organization. She added a person feels better when she drives electric cars compared to the ones that use fossil fuel. Elisabeth said the economic benefit that one plays a significant role in educating the people and the switch to emission-free cars. The Norwegian government has made more statement to have the electric vehicle use