Positive Effects of Pandemic for the EV Market

Tesla has a lot going on for it since the pandemic started. The EV maker is the largest electric car producer in the world. However, recent events place challenges in the electric sector transit sector. Social distancing has reduced the number of customers capable of going into salesrooms limiting the sales turnover for EV manufactured

However, a new report shows that the EV market expects to see an uptake soon. According to this report, the world governments encourage their citizens to shift toward battery-powered vehicles. The decision was as a result of the realization of the increasing incidence of CO2 emissions from the transport sector. It took a while for EVs to establish themselves in the market. However, recent legislation passed by governments endears the use of electric vehicles for the masses. 

If these plans succeed, the electric vehicle market expects to experience a sudden rise in demand for its products. As part of these changes, experts anticipate that Teslas has an advantageous placement compared to other players in the market 

Teslas EV market success has etched itself in the minds if EV fanatics and environmental conservationists as well. The EV industry will eventually get a boost and get better incentives, including reduced VAT rates. The move is a point for the automaker to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Regarding the matter, Bruno Le Marie retorts that the rest of the world anticipates a rise in demand for EVs. He further retorts that increased government support helps develop more innovations on clean sources of transportation 

However, the automaker recently rolled out its phase two plan by opening two Mega factories in metropolitan areas, including China and Europe. The company also has plans for a third mega factory launch in South America. The factory already has an anticipated welcome scheduled in the region. Never the less it is clear that the increase in consumer demand for EV’s significantly helps Tesla  

It is apparent that an increase in consumer for EV’s consequently increases Teslas market-based sales. Tesla’s global sales expect to shoot up by 36 percent. According to Sam Jaffe, the pandemic presents a unique position for Tesla sales by hoarding demand.

As people become pent up in their houses, the need for cars continues to grow. There is a high expectation that upon re-opening, the sales experts report that showrooms will see a massive influx of buyers, and this is a great advantage for the automaker