Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Listillas is the name of Marina Moratilla’s account, whose work follows another path, that of collecting certain somewhat ridiculous clichés that are repeated in conversations. “I think I make costumbrista memes, I compose a kind of proverb for millennials,” she says. For example: “The worst isn’t the children, it’s the parents” or “I’m a macho? I have a mother and a sister”.

Phrases that demonstrate fast food thinking for lazy minds, throwaway aphorisms. She started in 2018: “At first there were four of us, but then many people were encouraged to make memes; It seems that those of us who have remained at the end with a certain relevance are more or less those who were at the beginning, ”she relates. Other renowned mememers are the Police of Affection, Oro Jondo, Virtual Garbage, Demolitions and Deconstructions, Queensdeledit, Pro.del.kastineo or accounts.

There are digital creators who manage to live from the profession. This is the case of Christian Flores, who does not make memes in the form of images, but viral videos that, not being the same, could be considered part of the same digital culture. Hers is the famous video Velaske,

I’m pretty?, in which the characters from Las meninas sing a delirious trap. Flores achieved with this project the necessary repercussion to now work with important clients such as Netflix, Primavera Sound or the Barcelona City Council. Still, his profession is full of uncertainty.

“I depend on an algorithm, I work on two networks, TikTok and Instagram, which could disappear tomorrow, or I could lose my followers,” he says, “you have to pay the price of the internet: you never know what’s going to happen.” What he is sure of is the importance of cyber culture. “Cultural production has skyrocketed like never before in history, the meme is the currency of humor on the internet and has a very jevi political potential. It is a very complex communication device: any meme is imbued with the spirit of our times.

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