Two delayed satellites redistributed to Ariane 6 by Eumetsat

Due to delays in programs of Eumetsat, it was forced to keep back two of Ariane 6 rockets for two European weather satellites, which had planned to liftoff on Ariane 5 rockets. 

Back in 2015, Eumetsat had agreed with Arianespace. The deal was to sendoff two to 3 Meteosat Third Generation satellites in Ariane 5 rockets before the end of 2023. MTG-I1 satellite will have been completed before Arianespace turns entirely to Ariane 6 rockets. 

According to a statement released by Paul Count, Eumetsat’s Chief of technique, communication, and international relations, MTG-I1 is an imaging satellite, and it will liftoff on an Ariane 5 rocket in two years (2022). MTG-S1, a sounding satellite with which Eumetsat had launch deal, plans to takeoff in 2023 on Ariane 6. MTG-12, their moon with which the Eumetsat were having an Ariane 5 optional deal, plans to launch in 2025 on an Ariane 6. 

According to Eumetsat officials, the change of those satellites came as a result of the unavailability of Ariane 5 after. 

A Germany manufacturer, OHB, is currently helping Thales Alenia Space of France and Italy in the making of MTG satellites. In total, the firms are manufacturing six MTG satellites whereby two satellites will be imagers, and the remaining four satellites will be sounders. Three of the spacecraft will launch this year, while the other remaining three will begin before 2030. 

The Spokesperson of Thales Alenia Space said that obstacles which hindered the third satellite from being manufactured include; technological challenges,  together with instruments for the first MTG satellites, and the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, Martina Lilienthal, the OHB Chief of Investor Relations, declined the above statement concerning the delays of MTG manufacturing by stating that the MTG satellites have experienced delays with early manufacturers before. 

In a statement, Count said that Eumetsat plans on sending off the three satellites with a co-passenger car. However, discussions are being carried out concerning the use of Ariane 62, a lighter type of Ariane 6, and two-strap boosters for the MTG-12 satellite, which could make the operation a standalone. 

MTG-S1 will launch on Ariane 64, which is a useful type of satellite. It will have four robust rocket satellites. 

Eumetsat functions as a fleet of earth Observation Boosters present in Low Earth and Geostationary Orbit. Its work is to build and operate meteorological satellites that monitor weather and climate in the space.