Virgin Galactic reveals its space vehicle’s cabin before launching its commercial flights

Virgin Galactic displayed SpaceshipTwo’s interior as it finalized its test flights before the commencement of commercial operations. Through an online platform, the company highlighted several features of the vehicle’s interior to maximize customers’ experience. According to Michael Colglazier, the cabin’s design is the focal point during the entire development process since it would offer a thrilling experience to the clients. 

The company, alongside Seymourpowell, developed the cabin’s design, which features seats that would offer a lifetime experience for the versatile customer base. The seats are designed to recline in a position that would counter the deceleration inertia during flight. Under Armor got commissioned to design the clients’ suits and part of the cabin’s features.

The cabin contains features that would stimulate the clients’ experiences according to the company. The windows have halos to ease the positioning of the customers during flight. The handholds have high definition cameras to enable the clients to capture their selfies under the earth’s view. Additionally, the cabin’s posterior contains a mirror to display the details of the view through illumination.

George Whitesides, the chief space official, stated that the transfer of the cabin into the aircraft was complete with a few ongoing modifications. However, he further noted that the nature of the presented cottage would be as unveiled. In a further statement, Whitesides emphasized Virgin Galactic’s intention to integrate safety and elegance without compromise. Also, the company majors in enhancing performance above everything else due to its customers’ nature.  

The company’s efforts in fully developing the cabin go back to 2006 when a mockup of the cabin was designed. There exists a significant transformation of the cabin with few similar aspects, such as the seat rotation getting retained in the current cabin. 

The handholds technology got developed after a flight test, after which it became launched as a viable element in enhancing the clients’ experience. 

Additionally, Virgin Galactic plans on conducting a powered flight to space, after which the aftermath of the test will involve additional persons in the cabin. Because of the trial, the company intends to ensure that the projected experience couple with the actual field test. Conduction of some of the test flights will highlight the total preparedness of the company in beginning commercial operations. 

The company’s sale of tickets is undergoing a series of discussions with clients’ preliminary payment of the deposit. The delay in ticket sales resulted from 2014’s accident of a spacecraft during a test.

In conclusion, SpaceshipTwo’s redesigned cabin is a centerpiece of the entire development due to the revolution of space technology. The series of tests will also enhance safety as technical difficulties would be efficiently addressed.