California is preparing to expand launch activities at the Vandenberg Air Force Base

California state is organizing an expansion oversight with the US Space Force and other stakeholders. The state announced that this expansion would be underway at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The Vandenberg Air Force Base is situated on the central coast of California after its development in this region in 1941. The base is known for hosting Western Range, whose use spans through various space launches and missile trials. The base is run by the US Space Force 30th Space Wing.

The base is working on expanding its operations to accommodate commercial launches amidst the increasing number of private launch vehicle manufacturers. These companies include Firefly and Relativity Space, which have scheduled rocket deployments via the Vandenberg facility.

The acting director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development for the central region, Chris Dombrowski, stated that space ventures are a long-term business opportunity that will catapult the economic growth of this region. 

Dombrowski revealed the legalization of expansion operations through an MoU where the parties partisan to the agreement are REACH, 30th Space Wing, consulting firm Deloitte and Cal Poly State University. The MoU details that the parties are in agreement to build a spaceport at Vandenberg Air Force Base and its adjoining area. 

Dombrowski reiterated that the MoU would establish a mega strategy in which the physical and artificial resources required to boost the United States Space Force mission and its dominance in space come to integration and spearhead the development of the commercial space industry.

30th Space Wing’s commander, Col. Anthony Mastalir, expounded that the MoU is a vital document in the Californian state’s investment decision-making process. He added that the success of this memorandum of understanding would facilitate the agreement of the Defense Department space strategy to the activities of the private sector.

Mastalir reports that the space industry needs an opportunity-activated investment to recuperate from the coronavirus pandemic-induced problems. In a webinar by Deloitte, he added that the Vandenberg Air Force Base is open to lending a hand commercial service providers in the space industry to open up this region for other investments.

Finally, the 30th Space Wing reports that the Vandenberg Air Force Base has served as a launch site for 25 missions, including ULA’s Delta 2, Atlas 5, Delta 4, and SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket among others. The upcoming launches are enough reasons for the base to expand and accommodate cumulative launches.