Four additional satellites for SES’s space internet to be developed by Boeing

Boeing, the U.S. giant aerospace, has been accredited a deal to develop four new 702X satellites from the SES, which will act as ‘space internet; provider. 

The four extra O3b mPower satellites will facilitate subsequent production of SES’s MEO constellation throughput and also efficiency. The production will also enable the advancement of its exceptional abilities in conveying internet services that vary from 50 Mbps to huge gigabits in each second per user. 

The application will enable sectors like telecommunications firms, mobile network operators, authorities, businesses, aircraft, and ship operators, among many more to broaden cloud access across the globe.

Currently, Boeing is developing the first seven of O3b mPower satellites for SES. The first group of satellites is scheduled to launch later next year. In a statement made by Chris Johnson, Boeing Commercial Satellite Systems leader, the partnership with SES will offer a considerable advantage to its customers in the provision of exceptional services and speed.   

SES’O3b mPower software-defined satellites base on a multi-orbit 702X satellite portfolio of Boeing, and it employs the most developed digital shipment of Boeing. 

The O3b mPower satellites group will incorporate with its current grid of designers to produce worldwide, open -and managed network services on earth, sea, and air. Also, Boeing and SES have decided to work together to make commercially-based service provisions and abilities, which could be obtained from present and forthcoming SES MEO satellites.

Since the entities have agreed to collaborate, they will develop resilient, easily managed MilSatCom-ComSatCom designers to convey connectivity to the U.S. and other nationwide customers.  

Steve Collar, Chief Executive Officer of SES, confirmed the advancement of O3b mPower constellation from seven satellites to eleven satellites by SES. Both Boeing and SES are working together in the development of commercially-based service provisions for the U.S. Authority.  

TSES has developed a grid that surrounds a multi-orbit, super-frequency, high-throughput, agile and open design in favor of customers. SES officials have scheduled their first launch of O3b mPower, and they are happy to prolong their partnership with Boeing.  

The 702X is a grouping of software-defined satellites whose function is to incorporate advanced processors, digital heat management, optimized processing applications, and simple earth resource management devices. 

Having thousands of beams formed in the actual time and can be pointed and designed when required, 702X allows designers to convey power and bandwidth precisely to the customers. As a result, consumption capacity is exploited, eradicating unused power.