Government Backing Planned to Boost Space Industry

During a conference call last week, the extended space industry parties decided to emphasize growing the space industry. The video conference saw an attendance of close to 150 top government officials as well as space industry experts. According to the meetings roster the main agenda was to come up with a plan to ensure the industry grows

The meeting named the State of the Space Industrial Base 2020, was the idea of the defense Innovation Unit together with the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as the U.S Space Force. However, the NewSpace organization pulled strings to have the meeting.  Among the issues raised was the short term implications of the Coronavirus and necessary steps to place in order to counter these effects

However, the meeting featured talks on the U.S. federal government exposure to the private-sector space infrastructure. The topic was an area of interest to both DIU and AFRL, which co-publicized the U.S. Space Industry Base issues last year. Authorities caution of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole economy that corporations in the space industry might put their ventures out of commission or shift its focus onto foreign customers.  

 Come June; the committee expects to provide a report on the government’s strategies and initiatives to draw the country invest in the Space Industry to promote public and private space projects and to put more emphasis on stem awareness in order to grow potential talent. The conference planners also stated that they plan to utilize the result findings to affect the department’s budgetary plans for the coming year.

According to President Trump’s Deputy Assistant and the National Space Council Executive Director Scott Pace, it is still too early to know the pandemic’s effects on NASA and the DoD space programs. Pace went on to say on May 6th during a podcast by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics that the major problem at the moment is about returning to work.

Pace also ascertains that the President is focusing on resuming scheduled services because the administration finds the costs high. Parties in charge have to monitor the operational expenses in this pandemic. President Trump’s attempts to re-open the country and bring back work as quickly and as secure as possible are the most immediate projects at hand

Pace also relayed that NASA and DoD should allow other space companies to acquire the necessary tools needed to compensate and retain their workers’ salaries