NASA Astronauts are designing new traditions they can do before take-off

The NASA astronauts preparing for take-off are first initiating norms to accompany the next generation of space preflight events. The two astronauts, Bob and Doug, reported to Kennedy Center earlier than the planned launch. They came so that they can acclimatize with both the engineers and the shuttle itself. The mission of this flight is to uncover the survival capability of the new shuttle for long durations. The trip will be heading for the International Space Station. 

Behnken says that it is an honor to serve as the crew to the Crew Dragon shuttle. He reiterates his joy to be able to take-off on American soil after such a long time. Behnken declares their gratitude to SpaceX and NASA to chose them as their trial astronauts. Hurley, on the other hand, recalls his last flight in T-38 before the shutdown in 2011. Hurley is delighted to be among the launchers of this mission in America. 

NASA declares that if test flight Demo-2 to ISS succeeds, they will frequently send astronauts to space to do research. NASA is eager to hear a report from Demo-2 before it can pour in more resources for SpaceX to apply its technology. NASA hopes to send more people to conduct research in Low Earth Orbit and the orbiting laboratory. 

Hurley and Behnken are preparing for the traditions they will conduct to mark the launch of the Crew Dragon shuttle. The duo says they are, in a way, obligated to continue the traditions by other aerospace crews. They are, therefore, ready to brainstorm and try out the rituals. Behnken says that they will share some of them as they voyage through space. They have revealed some of the traditions they conducted on their way to Kennedy Space Center. Behnken states that he has planted a tree in his Houston home with his family. He says that this is a recall of his previous career norms. 

On the other hand, Hurley explains the military tradition of tagging the historical places or equipment they have encountered. He says that together with Bob, they have stuck Demo-2 stickers on the SpaceX simulator. 

Hurley and Behnken have the task of familiarizing themselves with the activities leading to their departure to the ISS. They have to analyze the launchpad as well as practice boarding the Falcon 9 rocket. In the same period, the team can interact with their families who are in the same quarantine zone with them. 

Finally, the two astronauts rendezvoused at the beach house before heading for the launch station. They hope that they can develop new activities to do as a tradition before they say goodbye to their families.